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Trade with Alexey Kirienko and EXANTE

Enjoy trading with Alexey Kirienko and EXANTE

Of course, you are currently overwhelmed with a strong desire to get down to trading with the EXANTE brokerage company but don’t be in a hurry. You need to prepare yourself for such a crucial step with a great deal of substantial theory. Many traders advise it in numerous EXANTE broker reviews.

The basic principles of trading

Trading should be regarded as the execution of trading operations in the currency or stocks in order to earn a profit from the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. In simple terms, in trading currencies or securities act as a product, and the trading act takes place on a single electronic platform – the global  markets.

For beginners, trading, especially if they do not have a basic knowledge of economics and analysis, may seem like an extremely complicated thing. Well, it’s partially true. Just like any business, trading also requires training. Without proper preparation, you are doomed to fail. On the other hand, you can safely practice on demo accounts.

Fundamentals of  trading

The major principle of the Forex  currency market can be presented in the following way:

  • Access to transactions is provided by the dealing center;
  • The dealing center opens a trading account in the name of the trader, to which funds are credited.
  • Using specialized software, which is a trading terminal, the trader receives information about the history and dynamics of prices and comes up with requests for currency purchase and sale transactions;
  • The Forex company makes transactions and records their outcomes on the trader’s trading account.
  • If the rate of the purchased currency has grown, the trader can sell it for another currency and make a profit as in classical trading. If the rate of the purchased currency starts diving, the trader should think about its quick sale in order to minimize his possible losses.

For many novice traders, the abundance of charts and tools in the trading terminal creates the impression that Forex trading is an activity for highly qualified analysts. Of course, analysts with training have good chances to quickly learn the basics of trading and begin to receive decent income from trading. That’s quite logical but you should realize that a fair amount of trading is carried out due to technical information and not secret knowledge. As follows from this, you can train it.

Getting started with EXANTE founded by Alexey Kirienko

A reasonable way to start a trader’s career is to constantly learn the basics of currency trading.

For newcomers, one would recommend watching free Forex video tutorials available in the network. They will help you to understand terms, market participants as well as key principles. As a result of your acquaintance with the basics of trading, it will become clear to you whether this topic is really interesting to you and you want to study it more deeply by signing up for a full-fledged training course or you should give it up. After that, you can try a safe demo account and gradually approach real money trading.

Test your trading skills with EXANTE established by Kirienko

If you are already confident in your trading skills, you can test them with the EXANTE broker. The given EXANTE broker allows professional traders to access over 50 markets from all over the world, including currencies, metals, funds, and others. You are welcome to choose the best financial instrument or use multiple assets for trading.

EXANTE provides everything for convenient and profitable trades, including the following stuff:

  • A high-quality trading platform;
  • Plenty of helpful tools;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • A secure trading environment;
  • Reasonable fees.

EXANTE: why you should use it

The EXANTE brokerage company was founded by professional investors for serious traders with a possibility to invest big money into trading. The broker has a full set of tools and options to provide trading specialists with everything required for making profitable deals.

At the same time, the platform of this company can also be used by novice traders if they do their best to learn more and have enough practice. For this category of traders, it’s highly recommended to open a demo account to practice trading. The demo account will provide these traders with access to different markets. They can learn how to work in the financial markets, how to use various strategies, tools, and so on. They will do the basic things in order to gain the necessary knowledge and develop important skills to succeed in this field.

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